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Our Vision


We build robots that make it fun for all ages to grow healthy food, in order to increase food literacy and provide a sustainable, healthy future.



Case Study: Virgin Gorda, BVI

Our first field trials changed forever how the children (and even the teachers) saw their garden pumpkin patch. Our first robot “Spike”, is controlled over the internet. He reads soil moisture; you can turn his head, see through his eyes, and fire his water cannon. The field tests sparked important discussions about food and robotics, as well as wonder and imagination about the possibilities of growing food and how technology can work with nature. It also transformed the garden into a valid place for teachers to host various classes such as science, nutrition, art, design and environmental studies.

As we develop a set of shareable connected learning tools, we will help kids everywhere teach themselves and each other about food literacy for a sustainable, healthy future. Our long term dream is a new food system where food is grown in large quantities within cities, schools, communities and homes across the world.

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Interact with classrooms anywhere in the world and grow food together using our camera-enabled growbots and online website.

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Learn how to grow different types of fruits and vegetables as you monitor the soil moisture and water all of your plants with your growbot.

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Create and share learnings, lesson plans, and ideas with your growpals as you learn how to plant gardens in different climates and conditions.

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Download a PDF

Want to take it with you? Download a PDF to learn more about who we are and what we do.

Our Team

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Andrea Nelson

Chief Experience Officer and Co-Founder

Interaction design and User Experience specialist, with a focus in micro-interactions and cross-platform design. Director and mentor. Experienced in building teams, facilitating innovation, and developing young designers.

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John Tattersall

CEO and Co-Founder

Founder of The Ten Project, an educational technology and environmental platform for ten year olds. EMMY winning cinematographer and founder of Schoolfilms (promoting the world’s best progressive schools).

Interested in transforming your school or home garden with the Sprigawatt Growbot?



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